Once a Mulerider, Always a Mulerider

The Mission of the SAU Alumni Association

The mission of Southern Arkansas University Alumni Association, Inc. is to strengthen the connection of our alumni, former students, and friends through fostering meaningful engagement opportunities, providing increased awareness and support of Southern Arkansas University, and increasing member participation.


Why get involved

The SAU Alumni Association is a vibrant, active family of former students who still have a critical role to play in the success of the University. Every decision, whether made by SAU President Dr. Trey Berry or the SAU Alumni Association Board is done with your best interests in mind. A lot of good decisions have been made over the years, and our Alumni Association has reaped the benefits. Because we have proven our dedication to our alumni, and invested our time and support for students, we now have recent graduates, who understand the importance and value of membership,  joining us as alumni members of the association.

As a graduate of SAU, the value of your degree is directly tied to the reputation of the University. Alumni participation and support are crucial to the growth of SAU.  The Association encourages its members to provide financial and volunteer support to the University whenever possible. Member dues and donations support association funding for worthwhile programs that directly benefit the students and alumni of Southern Arkansas University. Such programs include student recruitment, SAU Homecoming, reunions, and a variety of other programs and events.It also offers programs and activities that support its members and promote a spirit of fellowship among all of them.  When you are a dues-paying member of the SAU Alumni Association, you are in the company of others who care about the University, and taking an active role in SAU’s bright future!

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