Harold and Gene Brinson

How did you meet?

I was a freshman and Harold was a sophomore. My roommate asked Harold to go on a hay ride and to the Sadie Hawkins dance. We started dating soon after that.

What activities did the campus offer couples

Lots of dances, picnics, the engineering department would host a tug of war over the pond, there would be live bands in the log cabin.

What did the two of you do for fun/dates?

The movies and dinner if we had the extra money, I had to be back to the dormitory before 10:00 P.M. or the dormitory mother would lock me outside!

How many years have you been together?

64 years

Are there any special memories of you two on campus?

Harold asked me to marry him in the Greek theater, the 2nd or 3rd row up. We have a picture taken together in the field where the presidents house is, and I really like it because we never knew we would be back and living there!

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