Joe and Ceil Bridges

0780_001How did you meet?

We went on a blind date to see a movie at the Cameo!

What activities did the campus offer couples

Back in the day we had Newlywed Game for couples and your organization nominated you to be a couple on the “show.”
Joe and I were a couple and my sister Cynthia (Holmes) and Randy Walker were another contestant. I was so mad because they BEAT US! In front of all my peers!
It was a lot of fun back then. I still have my Sadie Hawkins picture and keep it in my office.
The Intramurals sports were a big, big deal and we took winning seriously. Also, we loved the Phi Lambda Chi competitions with other universities. I was a Phi Lambda Chi Little Sister. Such fun memories of a wonderful time in my life. Of course I can never mention the trip home from the Monticello game.

What did the two of you do for fun/dates?

We have gone to DOC’s in Garland City for 30 years. We went hunting, fishing, and l loved watching Joe play for the Mulerider Basketball Team. There were so many dances back in the 80’s at the Bruce Center.

How many years have you been together?

We started our lives together May 23, 1981. However we started dating in 1979. So, 35 years this year and 2 years to grow on. Loved every rollercoaster and more.

Are there any special memories of you two on campus?

Joe played Basketball and was a Phi Lamb, I was in Theater, and actually had the lead role in , “LuAnn Hampton Laverty Oberlander. I was Miss SAU, Miss Southern Belle, Phi Lamb Little Sister. I worked at the Post Office and I had a mo-ped. Joe and I would ride around on the mo-ped. We also went frog-gigging with some friends at one of the SAU ponds.

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