Frequently Asked Questions on the Membership Transition

Q: What is changing with the program?

A: We have expanded the SAU Alumni Association to all SAU alumni, and are discontinuing our dues-based model. That means 2018 will be our last year offering memberships at the annual and lifetime level. 

Q: Why is the program changing?

A: We are being more inclusive by offering programs and services to all Muleriders. Over the past year, the SAU Alumni Association Board of Directors discussed and researched many options to engage alumni and promote inclusiveness. This program change takes our Alumni Association to over 30,000 members! We have created a continuum of involvement for our alumni and friends that encompasses every stage of life. Nationally, collegiate alumni organizations of all sizes are shifting toward similar membership models that emphasize engagement over membership fees.

Q: How is the program changing?

A: The SAU Alumni Association will no longer be soliciting annual membership dues! We recognize that our alumni give back in many ways: time, talent, and treasure. Our new, inclusive approach allows us to provide benefits to all SAU graduates and former students, while offering additional benefits to those who volunteer (10+ hours) and/or make charitable gifts to SAU ($100+ during a calendar year). Our alumni can give to ANY area(s) they are passionate about at the University.

Q: What types of new programs and events will you offer?

A: Designing new offerings and benefits was a key element during the planning process. Through our new structure, all alumni are offered benefits. In addition to General membership, there are four enhanced levels: Blue, Gold, Forever Mulerider, and Affiliate. Please see our membership guide for more information or visit If you have suggestions or ideas you’d like to see, please email us at

Q: How will you fund the Alumni Association without membership fees?

A: Our operations are supplemented by the generous support of the SAU Foundation, and we are now acquiring sponsorships for events and programs.

Q: I paid my dues – what does this mean for me?

A: From this point forward, General membership in the SAU Alumni Association is FREE for all SAU graduates and former students. Since you paid your dues, you are a Blue Member for the remainder of 2018 and the 2019 calendar year. Based on your charitable giving to any area(s) of the University in 2018, you may qualify to be a Gold Member or Forever Mulerider.

Q: Do I still need to pay for my membership?

A: Annual memberships are no longer solicited through alumni dues. General membership is FREE to all alumni and enhanced membership levels are identified through volunteer service and/or charitable giving to SAU.

Q: I’m a Lifetime Member – what does this mean for me?

A: As a Lifetime Member, your commitment to SAU allowed us to build our program to the level where we can actively engage all alumni, while better serving Southern Arkansas University. For that, we can’t say thank you enough! To express our gratitude, we will publicly recognize our Lifetime Members with an engraved Forever Mulerider brick in Legacy Lane, located at the newly-renovated SAU Alumni Center. All Lifetime Members of the SAU Alumni Association are Forever Muleriders.


If you have additional questions, please email or call us at 870-235-4094.

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